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Trip Forms??? 

Help for Leaders of the Lawrence Ewing Trenton Girl Scouts ~ Navigating Trip Logs vs. Forms, Trip Insurance & Training Requirements

Trip FORM or Trip LOG ???

Now that is the question isn't it? Here is the short version... and you can do both of these things right here one this site!

  • Register your trip into the LET Service Unit Trip Log using the online feature on this site.
  • Complete your Trip Form online using the link on this page, sign it electronically, save it to your computer and email it to the Service Unit Manager
Make an entry into Trip LOG for...

  • When you hold your meeting at any location other than the one you listed on your annual troop summary sheet.
  • You take a local day trip [go on a tour, take a class.... as long as you do not leave NJ]

  • You meet at a leader or troop family home
  • Take your troop to a LET or Council sponsored event/program
  • For any NON-High Risk outing you attend... What's high risk you ask??? See the 'Safety CheckPoints' link to the right.

Fill out a  Trip FORM for...
  • ALL overnight trips [lock-ins, camping]

  • ALL HIGH RISK activities such as Rock Climbing, Water Parks, Fencing, Horseback Riding... if in doubt... fill out the form well in advance of your trip to be safe.

  • ANY event using leased vehicles [a bus rented/chartered to make a big trip]

In many cases Trip Forms need to be SUBMITTED [6] Weeks in Advance of the event!  So plan ahead and get your paperwork in early. Council is cracking-down and WILL prohibit / cancel your trip if the paperwork isn't submitted and approved in time. [and proceeding without an approved form in your hands puts you... the leader- in legal jeopardy if something goes wrong] 

I filled out the form... now what?

     Once you have completed your Trip Form you will need the Service Unit Manager to sign it for you and forward it to Council.

'Safety CheckPoints'
... that's where you can look up your activity and know what's next