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Help for Leaders of the Lawrence Ewing Trenton Girl Scouts ~ Navigating Trip Logs vs. Forms, Trip Insurance & Training Requirements

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Safety: First Aid & CPR
A qualified First Aider with current First Aid and CPR (both adult and child) must accompany any troop/ group for physically demanding activities and other activities involving a potential for injury. Refer to Safety Activity Checkpoints to determine whether or not a First Aider is required for your activity. The leader is encouraged to engage another volunteer for this important position. Certain health care providers meet GSUSA requirements through their profession, and you may find someone already in your troop/group trained or qualified to serve as your First Aider –including physicians, registered nurses, dentists, and emergency medical technicians. Additionally, there may be an adult who has been trained through a GSUSA approved agency in their community.  Adults are encouraged to obtain the courses either through GSCSNJ or another approved agency such as the American Heart Association (AHA,) American Safety & Health Institute, (ASHI,) or American Red Cross (ARC.) Some courses offered by AHA, ASHI or ARC have separate components for First Aid and CPR, with separate expiration time frames. Both First Aid and CPR (adult and child) are required to be considered a Girl Scout First Aider. Courses are frequently offered through local hospitals, rescue squads or community organizations
Overnight Adventures: This course certifies adult volunteers to take girls on overnight trips at museums, activity centers, lock-ins and hotels. You will learn how to prepare your troop/group for any day trip. Included in the course is information about safety, using public transportation, leasing vehicles, budgeting, planning, progression, insurance, permission slips, the buddy system and emergency procedures.

Outdoor 103 – Outdoor Skills: 2 Hour Prep and 15 Hour Overnight This course certifies adult volunteers to take girls on campouts where the girls will be cooking outdoors, sleeping in cabins, yurts, platform tents or pitched tents. During this session you will experience many hands on activities. Because of seasonal weather conditions, overnight courses are scheduled from March through November. Participants stay overnight in platform tents.