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Trip Forms??? 

Help for Leaders of the Lawrence Ewing Trenton Girl Scouts ~ Navigating Trip Logs vs. Forms, Trip Insurance & Training Requirements


Because sometimes things go wrong

  • CHECK the scene and CHECK the person
  • CARE for the person based on the conditions you find
  • On camp property, notify the Ranger on-site.
  • Put a responsible adult in charge of other troop members.
    • Notify the families of the injured person(s).
    • Call the Girl Scout Emergency Call Center (877) 539-6711, state the nature of your emergency.
    • Be sure to give the operator your name and phone number with area code, where you can be reached.
    • Have troop emergency contact call families of uninjured persons.

For your protection, DO NOT give any statements or information to anyone but the police. Refer all media inquiries to the Girl Scout Corporate Headquarters in Cherry Hill.

Click Here for the Accident Report Form