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Trip Forms??? 

Help for Leaders of the Lawrence Ewing Trenton Girl Scouts ~ Navigating Trip Logs vs. Forms, Trip Insurance & Training Requirements

The next question... do we need to purchase Girl Scout Insurance?

Even more confusing than Trip Forms can be figuring out if you need to purchase Girl Scout Insurance for your trip. 

     All REGISTERED girls and adults are automatically covered by Council provided insurance for most event and trips.  NON-REGISTERED children and adults at your trips and even your meetings are NOT covered under this plan. 

     Keep in mind, this is only true IF your troop trip has completed the necessary trip form and been approved.  A non-approved or denied event means NO coverage by Girl Scout Insurance in the event something goes wrong or there is an injury.  This includes auto related accidents in transit to a troop trip.  ONLY registered, background checked parents should be providing car-pool services.

       Our Treasurer, Suzette Aloyo handles the process for purchasing insurance for our Service Unit.  She can be contacted by email at [email protected]

CLICK HERE for the complete FAQ about Girl Scout Insurance.