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Trip Forms??? 

Help for Leaders of the Lawrence Ewing Trenton Girl Scouts ~ Navigating Trip Logs vs. Forms, Trip Insurance & Training Requirements

Welcome LET Leaders!  If you made it to this site then that means your troop is planning an awesome trip! Congratulations!

Trip Forms-Trip Logs

??? Training Requirements ???

    This may very well be the most confusing part of being a leader but this site will hopefully get you the answers and resources you need.  And always, feel free to send an email with any questions you may have.  If I don't know the answer [and I'm always learning more about being a leader just like you], I will do my very best to find you the answer or the person who can help both of us!

HINT ::: Want to take your girls on a little outing but just don't know where you could go???
Take a look at our Trip Log... there are over 200 entries there and it's a wealth of ideas!

     Been through the site and still can't find the answers to your questions???